Nature Ladies Random Thoughts
The Answer to the Plastic Problem?
Every time you make another purchase at just about any shop, you will bring home yet another plastic bag.   Most of these
bags are thrown away and finish in land fill.   One single  plastic bag is projected to take 1000 years to biodegrade.   

Now consider how much longer other thicker plastic items that also make their way to land fill will take to decompose!   Now I
may be wrong but it seems to me that we are continuing to create a huge plastic problem!   

So what is the solution?   It seems to me that we only realistically have two options;

1-        We stop using plastics entirely!
2-        We 100% recycle all plastics used!
The Smart Thing To Do is To Recycle - Our Resources are Finite
We have to face up to the fact that the planet Earth has finite resources, which means that one day they will run out!   In order
to make the most of what we have we need to create a cyclical closed system as opposed to the current linear system we
have now!

The question you may ask is how do I recycle?   Well the answer is simple as most council's, shire's, and districts around the
world now have recycling programs!   Simply contact your elected representative body for full details.

The next step is to
seperate your waste into two piles;

1- Bio-degradeable.

2- Non bio-degradeable waste.

Take the bio degradeable waste and compost it and/or feed it to your worm farm.

Now take the Non bio-degradeable waste into a further two piles;

1- Recycleable.

2- Non recycleable.

Obviously recycle the recycleable stuff and the rest is destined for the land fill.   To avoid trashing the planet you need to
keep this pile to an absolute minimum.

Remember that
the waste that each one of us creates is our responsibility to own!
Pass the Prozac The World's Gone Crazy
Since the 1940's the citizens of the world have been encouraged to consume more resources
than we require!   A few fat cat's at the top of the tree have become extremely wealthy whilst the
rest of us merrily consume the world's finite resourses like they are going out of fashion!   Well
guess what resource miss use is going out of fashion because they do run out!

Consider for a moment what we will do when there is no resources left to mine!   Isn't it
irresponsible of us not to leave some reserves for future generations!   In less than 100years the
mining boom will be over forever because there will be nothing left to mine!

Just six months after sale only 1% of products sold are still in use the rest has been trashed -
probably in landfill.   If you ask me that is really crazy!!!

Remember when you were a kid in school and you learnt about needs versus wants!   We all
should remember this lesson!    The only way out of this madness is to re-create the system to
become a closed loop system.   If we all just changed our attitudes from 'keeping up with the
Jones's to seeing how much we can do without' the world would be far a far less littered and
trashed place.

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