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An ecological footprint is the amount of land required to provide the resources you consume.   In the western
world our individual ecological footprint is extremely large at approximately 7.5 hectares.   If every person in
the world lived this way we would require
2 ½ worlds to support our consumption habits.

Lack of opportunity in the ‘third world’ and inequality is at the root of global tension and wars.

Current wars are more than likely due to resentment and anger of poor nations toward their richer neighbours.

By the end of this century wars will most likely be fought over water.

Many wars around the world are being fought over resources e.g. Current war in Iraq is being fought over oil
and its supply.

During a war money is moved from health, welfare and education to war requirements.   This only exacerbates
the inequality.

The only real solution is widespread knowledge and understanding of the need to change and a move toward
human solidarity and environmental sustainability.

This information came from the 2007 Re - inventing Australia unit reader from Murdoch University in Western
Third World Needs