Nature Lady and Friends

Hi Meg! It's Melanie from Nashville, TN (aka Minnehaha) - your second caller
yesterday. I listened to your entire show on my mp3 player last night while I was
wrapping some Christmas presents! You did such a GREAT job! That was a
challenge to fill 2 hours up mostly on your own - but you made a very endearing
impression and I'm glad I got to call you to encourage you in your endeavors. I
loved your description of your experience with worm farming and the moon
planting. We have an organic garden here - quite a large one in fact and we just
LOVE it. For our winter garden, we just threw seeds out there in no particular
organized fashion to see what would come up and we have been blessed with
loads of wonderful greens, turnips and radishes. We harvested a boatload of
butternut squash this summer which stores really well - so I'm always making
wonderful soups and other dishes with them. Did you know about the toxicity of
dryer sheets? I only discovered about that recently. I purchased these two blue
balls which look a little bit like hedgehogs! They do the job of a dryer sheet but
without the toxicity. Here's a link to what I'm referring to.
subcat=2. They have recently launched their products in the UK. The products
originate from Norway, but they have a big representation in Canada which is
where I contact them - you can find them at www.norwex.com. I love ALL their
products and found them right around the time my daughter was almost 6 months
and about to start crawling all over the floors, so I was thrilled to find a company
that provided me a way of cleaning without the use of chemicals. Check out this
link about the ZENN car I was telling you about:

Keep in touch! Blessings, Melanie PS I love Australia - spent some time in Sydney
- but I've heard Perth is the most beautiful place on earth and would love to visit
there one day.