Spotlight on People

Today I would like to turn the spotlight on the life of Dame Anita Roddick - founder of the world renowned the body shop.

Anita was born in 1942 the child of Italian immigrants in an english sea-side town.   She was naturally drawn to outsiders and rebels as a result.   She
also had a sense of moral outrage which began at the tender age of ten when she read a book about the Jewish Holocaust.

Anita founded the Body Shop in 1976 merely as a way to financially support her family.   She believed that business was not a financial science “its
about creating a product or service so good that people will pay for it.

The Body Shop now has over 77million customers world wide.   Many of Anita’s business idea’s sprang from the second world war when everything
was either re-used or recycled.

Anita was extremely aware that businesses have the power to do good in the world.   She not only opposed destructive practices and human rights
abuses, but she also put forward solutions.   The two campaigns that she was most passionate about was the use of sweatshop labour by multinational
corporations and working to free the ‘Angola Three’ who were black political activists in the 1970’s.   Like the great leader Nelson Mandela they were
jailed for trumped up charges.

Dame Roddick vowed to continue fighting for human rights and against economic structures that abuse and ignore them.

Unfortunately for the world Anita Roddick passed away to the dreaming on the 8th of September 2007.   All our love and thoughts go out to Gordon,
Sam and Justine as they face the New Year without Anita.

As a tribute to the too soon gone Anita Roddick, I would ask that everyone write a letter to Amnesty International calling for the freedom of the ‘Angola
Three’ and all other political prisoners around the world.
Anita Roddick