Eric Dodge is an upwardly mobile country music singer.   His hits include; 'Why Not Today', 'When I was your Age', 'I Pledge', 'Last Real Cowboy' and '
It Ain't Love'.   He is a very talented musician as well as a generous and a very personable man.   Eric is a singer who, with a voice that is candy for the ears,
surely has a huge and successful future in the music industry.

The following interview is from an online Blog called '
Blabber Heads' dated 27th of October 2006.

Peggy Hall: Could you tell us a little about yourself?

Eric Dodge: I live in Southern Ut and grew up here.  I went to Dixie High School and Dixie College.  I have 2 brothers and one sister and I am the ripe old age of

Peggy:  What was family life like for you and your siblings when growing up?

Eric: I have the best family ever.  We are all so supportive of each other and are all still very close.  We all live within 5 miles of each other.  We always would
spend time in the mountains fishing or camping.  When I was a kid my grandpa and dad would take all of us kids up to our ranch and we would stay for days with
no power or running water.  When it would get hot my granpa would put a pump in the stream and spray water out on a plastic sheet and we would have a giant
slip and slide out on the pasture.  It was always covered in leeches and moss but well worth it.

PH: You seem to be a very busy man - What would an average day in the life of Eric Dodge be like?

ED: I get up at 7am and start working as an Electrical Salesman and at 5pm I start working on my music business as my own promoter, manager, booking agent
and record label until 11pm everyday.

PH: Are you the only one in your family that got into music?

ED: No my brother Andy is my guitarist and has always been in a band.  He was the first in the family to come out with a cd. My other brother Ashton also plays
guitar and helps with sound at our concerts. We all can sing and were all in band in high school.  My sister Emily is a high school musical theater teacher and my
Mom and Dad both can sing. My mom plays the piano also. My sister is an excellent accordion player

PH: Who in this world do you admire the most?

ED: My parents and my grandparents.  They have been the solid foundation for me on who I am and where I came from.  They are all amazing people and have
amazing values. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

PH: Are you or have you ever been married?

ED: Nope,  I have been close and have been crushed like many. In fact listen to my song Since I Let You Go.  That is the story.

PH: What drew you to singing and playing music?

ED: So many things.  I was in band cause I was scared to be in front of people by myself.  It was something that was so hard to break through but I did it.  If I could
do it anyone can.  I was told that it was too late and I waited to long to get into singing but hey,  look who’s laughing now.

PH: How would you describe your music?

ED: Country inspirational.  Or modern Country. Or just my own kind of Country.

PH: Is that the kind of music that you’ve always been drawn to, or do you listen to something else when you’re not playing?

ED: I love the stories in Country music.  I was once told that Country music is the closest depiction of the human soul possible in music.  That is speaks the most
real stories and can affect peoples lives easier than any kind of music because of how real the stories and simple the songs are to understand. I really started
listening in high school and that is how I got where I am now. I am also a big fan of Musical Theater and Josh Groban.  I like to watch Broadway plays and have
been in a little bit of acting myself.

PH: Are you a spiritual person?  How does that afect your music?

ED:  I am very spiritual and I don’t agree at all with people taking the word god out of everything.  I think The pledge should be said in school and I also think that
prayer should be allowed everywhere and anywhere. Toby Keith, Diamond Rio and many others have songs about this.  Check out “In God We Still Trust” by
Diamond Rio.  These guys aren’t scared to lay it all out. My songs are quite spiritual and I would love to be on the Country Christian Charts someday.

PH: What musical artists are you a fan of?

ED: I always like Garth Brooks, Chris Ledoux, Michael Peterson, Tammy Cochran, John Michael Montgomery, Tracy Lawrence, and many many others.  They
are from a great era in my life and help transform me into who I am now.  I owe them all a lot. Lets not forget Reba also.

PH: How did you go about getting your CD recorded?

ED: It truly was meant to be.  I don’t have enough space to tell the whole story but I stumbled upon Steve Tveit from OmniSound Studios in Nashville and he just
happened to have a hit songwriter wanting to release her songs to a new artist and I got to roll with it all and never had to sign any contracts.  Everyone I met in
Nashville was out to get $$$ and I was so glad when I met Steve.  He is truly in it for the best interests of the artist.

PH: Could you tell the story once again about how you met the FLYlady?

ED:  March of 2006 I was asked to sing a song on Good Things Utah a statewide live TV broadcast. My brothers and I were in the green room waiting for the
show and some ladies came in and sat down.  I thought maybe they were the hosts and asked them.  They all started laughing at me and told me to sing some
songs.  They loved the music so i hooked them up with a cd and they gave me a body clutter book and I learned who FlyLady was and our awesome friendship
has blossomed ever since.

PH: Have you had a chance to look through the FLYlady system?

ED: Yes I have and I will say I am pretty much Born Organized but actually have benefited from her system and will continue to use as much of it as I can. It is not
just for women.

PH:  What do you think of all this business of having to be taught to use a calender, or keep the house ready for company?

ED: I totally agree that if your house is clutter free and ready for company that you will have so much more peace of mind. The calendar is a no brainer.  I don’t
think there is a person out there who doesn’t need a little more help keeping up on all important dates.

PH: Where’s the best place to buy your CD?

ED: CD is a very secure site to purchase my CD. I have dropped the price a little because if people buy them on CD Baby it is saved in the computer
as a Sound Scan.  The record labels can look at this and see who is selling well and contact them if they want.  It is a long shot but it can help.  Of Course there is
always my site at to get my CD and to get the Fly cd that “Why Not Today” is on.

PH: Thank you Eric, for taking the time to answer my questions, and giving us a glimpse into your life and world!

Buy “Since I let you go” on CD Baby here. (CD Baby is the place that records the sale with SoundScan - which is a system for tracking music sales.  I have
ordered from them before, and the entire shopping experience from start to finish is more than pleasant.)

Buy his album on his site here.

Buy the FLY CD here! (I got this when it was released in SLC a couple of weeks ago, and it’s an awesome album!  Eric Dodge sings ‘Why not Today?’ on it.)
Country Music Star Eric Dodge
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